Firesec™ is a Security Analysis and Orchestration platform. It is designed to solve challenges of different stakeholders in an organization - be it the CISO, the Security Consultant, the Auditor or the Network Administrator.

It is an automated solution for network device configuration analysis and compliance readiness and supports a wide variety of firewalls to help enhance the security of your network and significantly speed up compliance to regulatory standards and industry best practices.

Firesec™ helps you:

  • To automate the task of analysing security device configurations.
  • To highlight non-compliances and insecure rules.
  • To optimize the configurations to improve device performance.
  • To see and explore the network topography and determine insecure access paths and fix these problems using network visualization.
  • To reduce the mean time taken to remediate the security issues, using the Change Management and Orchestration features
Supported Network Devices

Change Management Systems

Technology Alliances

  • CheckPoint OPSEC Partners
  • Cisco Solutions Partner
  • Fortinet Alliance Partner
  • Palo Alto Alliance Partner
  • Tenable Technology Partner
  • Rapid7 Technology Partner

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