Digital transformation has challenged security frameworks and architectures like never before. With no clearly defined enterprise perimeter, the identity of the user is now the central pillar around which security controls ought to be designed. Identity and access management (IDAM) is therefore a key focus area for CIOs and CISOs.

The global cyber-attack scenario points to the inability of enterprises to protect and manage authorized access entailing Identity and Access Management (IAM) highly critical for business success.

Identity and Access Management services have become essential to IT planning and strategy in the face of constant IT landscape transformation. IDAM solutions help you control who can access your IT systems and minimize disruption while keeping them secure.

With our IDAM services, you can create custom permissions, define the criteria users must meet to be granted access, and restrict access to things they don’t need. That way, you’re always controlling who is in your network.

Our IDAM Managed Services are specially designed to take up all your IDAM needs starting from securing the user's identity, protecting critical data and managing applications security; we provide all necessary support.

We offer three key service areas: Advisory, Implementation, and Managed Services. They’re designed to help businesses like yours during the early stages of their journey: from full implementation to ongoing operational support as working practices evolve.

Implementation and management service

We combine project management, business analysis, implementation, development and support skills to make your IDAM journey (end-to-end) a success for your business.