Recent years have seen a spike in compromise of organization’s critical internal assets. Huge troves of data have been leaked in each case, in-spite of the organization’s having invested millions of dollars in wide range of security and monitoring solutions.

There is still a prominent belief is many organizations that simply plugging in a security or monitoring solution in the organization network will help detect/prevent advance attackers. However, effective configuration of detection solutions and alerting mechanism along-with skilled monitoring staff is required to prevent an advance attacker from accessing the company’s assets.

This is only possible if the organization understands and is able to visualize such malicious actors.

Traditional vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) suffer from the drawback of limited scope and timelines. They can never be used to simulate a real-world threat actor. Traditional VAPT can only provide a snapshot of the state of security for the limited assets that are part of the scope.

Additionally, social engineering and physical security is an aspect that is almost always removed from scope of these traditional assessments.

To help organization’s tackle the limitations of traditional VAPT assessments, we believe a more holistic approach is required to gauge the real threat an organization faces from different malicious actors.

Through our Red Team Assessment services we aim to provide our clients with:

  • A real-world perspective of threat actors.
  • Holistic view of security controls
  • Evaluate security incident response capabilities
Our attack vectors are designed to simulate threats from three primary attack sources.
  • Organizations have a lot of assets exposed online. A compromise of any one asset could potentially provide an attacker a foothold into the organization
  • Human elements are the weakest link in a security chain. Manipulating humans to follow instructions or conduct actions may result in potential loss of information
  • Gaining physical access to an environment can reveal a lot of information about the internal functioning of the target. Further weakness can be identified if physical access to an asset or location is gained
Red Team Assessment requires a very strong reconnaissance. This is the stage where we gather the information of the target organization. This includes information related to your:
  • Internet facing assets (IP addresses, web sites, applications etc.)
  • User details
  • Internal application details
  • Physical site details
With sufficient details about the target, we then proceed towards exploiting this information – in the form of phishing emails, exploiting vulnerabilities, visiting onsite locations to try and breach the physical security etc.
This aim of this phase is to get a foothold within the organization’s network. Once accomplished, then we move towards the exploring the network and escalating our access within the network.

Benefits working with Network Intelligence

  • CREST – Accreditation: We are a CREST accredited organisation.
  • Advanced Vectors: Our team uses attack vectors that are being used by real-world attackers.
  • Goal Based: For demonstrable ROI, we work with our clients to define milestones within the project to help determine the success criteria
  • Analyze Incidence Response: We can assist the SOC team analyze issues with their monitoring process which may potentially lead to missed alerts or threat signatures.
  • Customized Assessment: We cater to client requirements to tweak Red Team assessments to better evaluate security controls and responses

We provide Red Team Assessment services globally. Contact us at [email protected]

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