We are one of the earliest and most well-established penetration testing companies, who have been consistently delivering quality projects for clients across the globe. Some of our long-standing customers include global industry leaders across banking, financial services, telecom, technology, dotcoms, oil & gas companies, and various government entities. We specialize in the whole spectrum of penetration testing capabilities – right from information gathering, foot-printing, vulnerability assessment, exploitation, and reporting. Our penetration testing practices encompass web applications, client-server applications, infrastructure, SCADA, ERP systems, mobile applications, wireless, social engineering, and a whole host of technologies and platforms.

Our Approach
Penetration Testing constitutes that part of a security assessment exercise which attempts to simulate the techniques adopted by an attacker in compromising the target systems. Our penetration testing methodology is well aligned with established standards and practices, combined with our extensive experience.

Types of Penetration Tests:
Some of the tests that we engage in are:

Web Application Security Testing
In this type of penetration test, we assess the security of the application by focusing on remotely exploitable vulnerabilities, application architecture, design and implementation. We also assess the controls with respect to user access, privilege levels, development and delivery, and overall design of the applications. This helps to give the total threat profile of your web application environment.

Network Penetration Testing
This type of a penetration test involves identifying the targets through Google searches, WHOIS, DNS queries, etc. Fingerprinting and identifying vulnerabilities. The exploitation of these vulnerabilities depends on whether it is part of the engagement or not. Limited exploitation is always done in terms of password guessing, directory traversals, file uploads, etc. Before going for stronger exploitation methods such as Denial of Service attacks, Buffer Overflow exploits, etc., we take prior written consent from the management so as to not to cause possible fallouts from the such exploitation methods.

Automated port identification
In large and very large networks, what is required is an automated way to periodically scan a large range of IP addresses, determine what ports are open, and attempt to identify the service running on those ports. An important activity is to produce trending analyses reports, which show new IP addresses or new ports that have appeared since the last scan was run. Network Intelligence offers a secure portal to its customers, where they can log in, enter their ranges, run the scans, view the reports and compare with previous scans.

Risk-based Penetration Testing
The days and age of tool-based scanning is long over. The need of the hour is for the penetration testing team to understand the business risks associated with the application and build test cases accordingly. Be it an ERP system or a mobile application, our first step is to always understand the flow of the application, the business processes around the system, and the concomitant risks from it. Once the automated scanning parts are over, then our real expertise comes into play leveraging our database of test cases combined with our strong understanding of business processes across various industries.

This approach, then might also include social engineering attacks, threat modelling, and other elements that might not be typical of a traditional penetration testing exercise.

Benefits in engaging with Network Intelligence
Our penetration testing service is a highly creative, out-of-the-box engagement, and often results in new vulnerabilities being discovered or a new tool being developed from such an exercise. Our teams are highly passionate and committed to doing as comprehensive an assessment as possible. Our team members are also actively engaged in security research initiatives such as:

  • Security advisories of the vulnerabilities we have discovered
  • Penetration testing tools that we have developed
  • Our articles that have appeared in various publications and websites,
  • Presentations made at various security forums and conferences
We pride ourselves in providing quality deliverables to our clients during our security assessment engagements with them. Our client testimonials are the strongest testimony for our work quality and deliverables.

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