Active Directory (AD) plays a vital role in security, compliance, application management, operational intelligence and user productivity. AD is an access and identity management directory that authenticates and authorizes users and shared resources (such as computers and printers), administers group policies and manages roles and privileges across a network. Many services and software products are dependent on AD for user authentication (such as Exchange, SharePoint and intranet) so effective, skilled AD management is an essential element of corporate IT.

Secured Active Directory Implementation
NII’s Active Directory as a Service delivers management and support of the AD and domain controllers for your network domains. Working closely with you, NII installs and configures the Active Directory Domain Services software on your domain controllers to an agreed structure, then delegate the required access rights to you.

We can also help migrate your existing user accounts, delivered as a phased rollout with a connection between your existing AD environment and any selected new environment. We ensure minimal disruption to your services by making your new environment operational prior to switchover and decommissioning your existing environment.

Group Policy Implementation
Often GPOs become a hybrid and complex set of policies that may conflict with each other, and end up in a situation where the Resultant Set of Policies (RSOP) is not in line with the organizational security requirements. Our experts will analyze your set of Group Policy Objects, determine the RSOP and identify the source of conflicts. Accordingly, we will redesign your GPOs, test the reconfigurations, and then roll them out to production. With each new GPO change, our security experts will validate and ensure that the change does not violate security policies, regulatory requirements, and client expectations.

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