Why the need for Wireless Security solution?
Many network managers assume a strong wireless encryption is sufficient for building strong security for wireless LAN (WLAN) traffic. They are only partially correct. WPA2 encryption might offer better authentication and encryption options, but WLANs can still have vulnerabilities like:

  • Rogue access points (APs);
  • Denial-of-service attacks; and
  • Attacks against WLAN infrastructure.
This can lead to sensitive data leakage from the organization.

An effective defense involves strong correlation between wired and wireless networks, which requires tight integration between WLAN management and intrusion detection systems.

Thus, there exists a need for a comprehensive WLAN enterprise security solution to protect valuable corporate data and intellectual property from getting compromised.

Enterprise WLAN Solutions provide the following benefits:
  • Business continuity:
    Delivers the right business tools to employees on roaming.
  • Advanced connectivity options:
    Offers wired, wireless, secure enterprise mesh, remote AP, indoors, and outdoors options
  • Identity-based security:
    We can enforce unified security policy for all connected users
  • Application-awareness:
    This enables us to provide optimized service delivery
  • Reliability:
    Enables us to confidently use wireless as the primary network connection across the enterprise

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