Preventing and securing sensitive data from unauthorized access has been the primary concern for all organizations. To reduce risk of data loss and misuse, recently IRM solutions are gaining significant importance for securing information and access rights of the document.

How does IRM work?
Following are the various methods how an Information Rights Management solution helps your organization to protect documents and emails.

  • Applying rights to automate the access control and usage of the content i.e., mapping business classification to the information.
  • Implementing policies and procedures to track and secure information from viewing, printing, editing and exchanging along with access control list in place.
Most IRM solutions do this in combinations of the following:
  • Industry specific encryption of data or information
  • Strong implementation mechanism to protect data from copy, print and save the document
  • Content access management
  • Business process management

How we help?
Experts at NII can help organizations to evaluate risk of data theft and misuse of intellectual information of the organization by helping to you select appropriate and cost effective IRM solution on basis of:

  • Identify what needs to be protected i.e., documents or emails residing inside or outside of an organization
  • Identify usage policies of the document
  • Evaluate data leakage avenues
    • Who can use the information (people, group)
    • What a user can do with that information (read, write, print or forward)
    • When can the user access the information (time duration and dates)
    • Where can the information be accessed from (in office, home,..)

Typical challenges that you are likely to face when implementing a IRM are:

  • Strong user authentication and authorization
  • Restriction of content being copied or retyped and transmitted by malicious programs
  • Protecting documents from within and outside the organization
  • Audit and secure documents as per compliance standard

Our Partners
NII has partnered with Gartner-quadrant visionary IRM solutions from Seclore and Boole Server.

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