Security advantages of 2FA technology
  • Adds a critical layer of security beyond simply a username and password.
  • Increased assurance that the identity which is claiming to be is indeed the same authorized to do the transaction
  • Effectively protects access to accounts containing sensitive information
  • Able to maintain higher security without increasing complexity or costs associated with traditional methods of authentication.
  • Offers better user experience as there is neither an additional hardware or software requirement nor any training efforts involved.
  • Helps comply with regulations and standards such as RBI Guidelines (, PCI DSS, etc.
Before choosing a two-factor authentication solution, you must find answers to these questions:
  • I need to protect my internal network from unauthorized access: Go for solutions that enable flexible secure network access for both office and remote locations.
  • My users need to connect from remote locations: Go for portable 2FA solutions that enable secure VPN and web access for remote users.
  • My users need to access many password-protected applications: Go for solutions providing single sign-on functionality, by storing user credentials on the token.
  • I need my users to digitally sign and encrypt sensitive data or transactions: Go for smart-card-based solutions that provide secure onboard PKI key generation and cryptographic operations.
  • Assess the sensitivity of your business data: More sensitive the data, greater is the priority on the robustness and security of the solution.
  • I want to protect data that sits on my users’ PCs and laptops: Go for token-based solutions offering boot protection and disk encryption requiring token to boot a computer or decrypt protected data.
  • I need to implement a secure physical access solution: Go for token solutions that enable integration with physical access systems.
How can we help you?

At NII, we help you to select and define criteria for choosing the most appropriate two-factor authentication solution for your business needs. Our team of experts makes sure that the solution deployment is directly in line with the security needs of your business and is able to provide credible security for your organization generating maximum ROI and helping comply with regulations and standards.

Our Partners

We partner with industry-leading 2FA solution providers such as RSA and Safenet.

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