For all banks offering Internet Banking services, phishing has become an unpleasant reality of life that must be combatted in a pro-active and aggressive manner. Statistics show that with every day that a phishing site stays up, 10-15 users end up divulging their credentials on the site. So what is important is quick and effective take down, that brings the site down and ensures it stays down. Also, most websites that host phishing pages are never really those of the phisher, but rather of someone who has not secured their website or server properly.

How we can help?

With our SOC team's experience of taking down hundreds of websites in the past, our takedown service is a well-oiled machine that is geared to respond to your alert at any point of time during the night or day. We possess the following skills that help us protect your customers effectively and immediately.
  • Quickly identify the website owner and the hosting provider
  • Contact the owners and co-ordinate takedown action
  • Use our network of worldwide partners to overcome language and geographical barriers
  • Use our extensive database of hundreds of hosting provider contacts to quickly pinpoint the right person to contact, rather than sending mails to abuse and webmaster email IDs
  • Guarantee an SLA of 12 hours for the site to be taken down
  • Leverage our relationships with anti-phishing groups and worldwide CERTs to bring additional influence and ensure effective take down.
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