Business Continuity Management System is undoubtedly an essential initiative for any type of business, as this helps an organization recover their business during any kind of disruption, whatever be the cause. It is governed by the international standard ISO 22301:2012, which provides the guidelines to establish, implement, operate, maintain and improve BCMS in any organization. BCMS leads the path to resilience in any organization.

With established leadership and expertise in Information Security, Cyber Security and PCI DSS, NII can provide complete consultancy in implementing BCMS for any industry. With NII clients spread across multiple industry domains and geographies, the wealth of experience and knowledge that our consultants bring to the table for BCMS implementation is unparalleled. NII follows the best practices from the BCM and related domains, ISO 22301 and NCEMA 7000 (in the UAE) in our approach and methodology.

We provide a host of services in BCM, IT Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management. These include, among other things,

  • Gap Assessment
  • Implementation
  • Audit
  • Training

Benefits of Implementing Business Continuity Management

  • Provides stakeholders with a strong assurance that risks from potential disasters have been reasonably addressed and mitigated, and that business can survive even major disruptions
  • Provides company personnel with approved processes and procedures during a crisis – helps in both employee safety, business recovery and IT DR
  • Ensures faster and more effective recovery of business operations, including IT recovery
  • Reduces risk of business losses, reputation damage and infrastructure loss
  • Provides insurance underwriters evidence that the company has properly assessed the risks of conducting business
  • Helps attain ISO 22301 certification
  • Ensures compliance with other standards such as ISO 27001

Upcoming BCI-authorised CBCI training schedule

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