What is COBIT Framework?
COBIT Framework – COBIT was originally an acronym for Control Objectives for Information and related Technology. Now used in short form, COBIT is used to identify the name of the framework. It is a comprehensive framework of interest and relevance to all IT stake holders. Businesses worldwide have adopted the framework to align their IT objectives with the business objectives thus being able to implement IT Governance initiatives. COBIT is drafted and released by ITGI - a body of international experts in the domain.

NII provides several solutions and services around COBIT. Some of the services are listed below

  • Complete COBIT Implementation
  • Gap Analysis Exercises
  • COBIT –related trainings and workshops
    • COBIT Practices
    • Integrating COBIT with other standards and frameworks
    • Implementing and using the COBIT Capability Model
  • COBIT-based Third Party Control Self Assessments
  • COBIT-based Audits
  • IT Risk Assessments based on COBIT Practices
  • Security base lining exercise with COBIT
COBIT has several benefits. The realization of these benefits comes with the right mix of skills, knowledge, resources, and motivation. The best way to know all the benefits is to implement the framework. However, we have listed down a few favourites among our clients and other beneficiaries:
  • COBIT initiatives help the organization meet its business objectives through IT as its backbone.
  • COBIT Practices help implement IT Governance
  • COBIT helps save resources through process, application, people and infrastructure alignment.
  • COBIT was founded with an audit focus and has evolved to an IT Governance focus – the framework thus is the best representation of the evolving best IT practices.
  • COBIT helps with linking specific IT Practices to overall business control models (for example, COSO and Coco).
  • COBIT helps identify meaningful measures of IT implementations thus enabling senior management to measure return on investment on IT spends.
NII Approach for COBIT Implementation
Our individual COBIT services warrant customized approaches for our clients. However, the fundamental approach aims at understanding the business processes and requirements before initiating any exercise. After a validation is received of the understanding, the objective of the exercise is understood and communicated among the team members. The desired outcome of the exercise is achieved with the requisite project planning and execution. All the deliverables are re run through subject matter experts and quality experts

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