Network Intelligence has partnered with the BCI, UK, which is the leading membership and certifying organization for Business Continuity professionals worldwide. Together, we shall meet the current & future technical and professional needs of Business Continuity professionals working in organizations of any type, size & sector worldwide.

As a result of this partnership, we will:

  • Prepare you for the Certificate of the BCI Examination, which leads to an internationally recognised credential and post-nominal designation in Business Continuity (CBCI), and is the launching pad for Certified Membership of the BCI
  • Meet the current and future needs of BC professionals worldwide
  • Teach you not just the `what` but also the `why`, `how` and `when` of good BC practice

Date: 20th April – 21st April 2024
Mode of Training: Online

Upcoming BCI-authorised CBCI training schedule

Course Name Mode of Training Country Start Date End Date
Business Impact Analysis Training Course Online/Mumbai IST India 4/20/2024 4/21/2024 Register now
CBCI Certification Course Online/Mumbai IST India 5/26/2024 5/24/2024 Register now
Designing and Delivering Effective Exercises Training Course Online/Mumbai IST India 6/15/2024 6/16/2024 Register now
CBCI Certification Course Online/Mumbai IST India 7/18/2024 7/20/2024 Register now
Incident Response and Crisis Management Training Course Online/Mumbai IST India 8/24/2024 8/25/2024 Register now
CBCI Certification Course Online/Mumbai IST India 9/20/2024 9/22/2024 Register now
CBCI Certification Course Online/Mumbai IST India 11/14/2024 11/16/2024 Register now
Supply Chain Resilience Training Course Online/Mumbai IST India 12/14/2024 12/14/2024 Register now

Course Overview:

    Our course takes you through a step-by-step journey covering all stages of Business Continuity Management (BCM). From initial analysis to plan validation, our expert instructors will guide you through the following key areas:

  • Policy & Programme Management : This stage helps you establish a business continuity policy and defines how the policy should be implemented through an ongoing cycle of activities.
  • Embedding : Learn how to best integrate business continuity awareness and practice into your day-to-day business operations and organization’s culture using a collaborative approach among business departments and staff, as well as different disciplines.
  • Analysis : Understand your organization's objectives, functions, and operating environment through a comprehensive review and assessment.
  • Design : Learn to identify and select appropriate continuity solutions to effectively address potential incidents.
  • Implementation : Master the art of implementing your BCM plans effectively. Develop a response structure, set priorities, establish procedures, allocate responsibilities, and optimize resources to handle incidents with confidence.
  • Validation : Ensure the accuracy and efficacy of your plans through exercises and program validation.

Benefits of Taking this Course:

  • Practical Insight and Best Practices : Gain real-world insights and best practices in developing and implementing business continuity plans, supported by real case studies
  • Expert Instruction : Learn from expert business continuity professionals who are Approved Instructors certified by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI).
  • Your Organization as a Case Study : Utilize opportunities to apply the course content to your own organization, enhancing its resilience.
  • BCI Membership : Upon passing the CBCI Exam, you become a BCI member, with your first membership fee waived.
  • Post-nominal 'CBCI' : Showcase your knowledge, expertise, and commitment to professional development with the prestigious 'CBCI' post-nominal in your email signature or LinkedIn profile.
  • Global Community Access : Connect with a global community of professionals, exchange knowledge, and access networking opportunities.

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