Expert digital security monitoring for your Security Operations Centre


At Network Intelligence, we provide our customers with remotely delivered Managed Detection and Response Service. This service allows us to rapidly detect, analyze, investigate, and actively respond to threats.

How do we do it?

We offer a turnkey solution, using a state-of-the-art technology stack (covering areas such as endpoint, network, and cloud services) to collect relevant logs, data, and contextual information.

We then enrich this data with Threat Intelligence from open and proprietary sources and analyze it with use cases mapped to frameworks like MITRE and the Cyber Kill chain.

Advantages of Network Intelligence MDR

Key statistics

Our offerings in a snapshot

Service Highlights

Stop attackers in their tracks

We cover all assets in your on-prem data center and cloud including Azure, AWS and GCP offering complete visibility of security status across your organizations.

Our MDR services help you react early by containing compromised assets, endpoints or user accounts. Taking action to respond within minutes of finding a threat helps prevent malware propagation, cut off lateral movement, or stop data exfiltration attempts.

Our MDR is powered by X-Force, a global leader in Threat Intelligence. We will take appropriate actions on your behalf to stop attacks prioritized security guidance and incident analysis.

Remote Incident Response assist in the event of a confirmed break. We have a dedicated Forensics team which can be utilized in a retainer model in case of unforeseen breach.

The analyst team is complemented by Incident Handlers, Incident Responders, Threat Hunters, Malware Analysts, OSINT experts, Content Developers and Delivery Managers.