Cyber security Openings

Great companies are built by great teams. When we discover the higher purpose of our work, we derive greater meaning from our jobs. In fact, work becomes a joy and each of us is then able to expand our capabilities and maximize our potential. At Network Intelligence, we strive to create such an atmosphere. With a tremendous focus on continuous learning, investments in training programs, freedom to switch teams, and strong encouragement for new ideas, we believe we are a great place to work for.

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Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst/Specialist- Assessment
Designation: Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst/Specialist- Assessment
Job Code: HR1005
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 2+ years
Job Description:
  • Conduct vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for network, web applications, mobile applications and thick-client application
  • Conduct configuration reviews for OS, DB, Firewall, Routers, Switches and other infrastructure components
  • Conduct red-team assessments using social engineering, physical security compromise and other techniques
  • Be well-versed with internal privilege escalation techniques
  • Conduct source-code review using automated and manual approaches
  • Prepare detailed reports as per NII format
  • Ensure timely delivery of status updates and final reports to clients
  • Handle client queries
  • Keep oneself updated on the latest IT Security news, exploits, hacks
  • Contribute technical content – chapter meetings, blogposts
  • Conduct internal and external trainings on various topics related to security assessment.
Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst (Red Team Assessment)
Designation: Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst (Red team Assessment)
Job Code: HR1141
Location: Mumbai/ Noida
Experience: 2+ years
Job Description:
  • Perform red team assessments, social engineering assessments and other offensive engagements
  • Perform security assessments of technology systems, application architecture, design from security standpoint
  • Assess processes which will allow to identify business risks and recommend remedial action based on established security standards or industry-specific best practices
  • Perform security review of application architecture, digital security methodologies and deployments and threat modeling
  • Perform analysis of applications based on standard practices and secure development lifecycle.
  • Perform various types of tasks such as infrastructure VAPT, WIFI Pentesting, configuration reviews.
  • Use of static code analysis tools such as Fortify, AppScan, Checkmarx, etc and Interactive Scanning tools like Contrast Security etc.
  • Demonstrate team-oriented interpersonal skills, positive impactful communications, business partnership, and project management skills.
  • Work in collaborative environment to build stronger security posture of applications and infrastructure.
  • Agile thinking and analysis that leads to win-win and innovative solutions for the firm.
Designation: SIEM Admin- SOC
Job Code: HR1043
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 2+ years
Job Description:
  • Act as the subject matter expert for the SIEM solution.
  • Maintain SIEM operations and document current environment.
  • Work with external teams to ensure all necessary logging sources are reporting to the SIEM.
  • Creation of technically detailed reports on the status of the SIEM to include metrics on items such as number of logging sources; log collection rate, and server performance.
  • Assist in troubleshooting and problem solving a wide variety of client issues.
  • Content developer - develop custom parsers, use cases and other relevant content for SIEM
Incident Responder- SOC
Designation: Incident Responder- SOC
Job Code: HR1121
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 1+ years
Job Description:
  • Manage day to day operation for the team
  • Drive team performance and measure key performance indicators.
  • Handle Incident escalations.
  • Collaborate across boundaries to identify scope of improvement in Incident Response.
  • Ensure incidents are handled with excellence.
  • Oversee and keep an eye on everyday progress on tasks & ensure daily governance
  • Recommend enhancement of the current detection rules.
  • Lead debrief meetings for incidents.
Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst- SOC
Designation: Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst- SOC
Job Code: HR1136
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 2+ years
Job Description:
  • Monitor network traffic and security alerts for potential events/incidents.
  • Conduct initial triage, declare events/incidents, create incident cases, gather evidence, track and update incident status, and identify additional action items.Handle P1 and P2 incidents under the direction of leads and specialists. Follow through to closure P3 and P4 incidents.
  • Detect, document, respond to and escalate events and incidents in accordance with MSS Incident Handling policies and procedures.
  • Demonstrate capabilities and techniques that can be used to mitigate Cyber-attacks and threats.
  • Demonstrate the capability to utilize the Security Tools to investigate and correlate events.
  • Develop reports and/or briefings for events/incidents. Conduct research on emerging security threats.
  • Maintain shift logs for all SOC activities conducted during scheduled hours.
  • Monitor, maintain, and respond to group email and distribution lists.
  • Create tickets for necessary tasks that need to be executed by external teams. Ensure tasks are communicated via email to the respectable team(s), as well as documenting and tracking activities within tickets according to ticketing procedures, and annotating in shift logs according to shift report procedures. Conduct systems and tools health checks.
  • Recommend updates to the wiki with relevant content as it becomes known.Ensure that the phones are forwarded to the “On-Call” or appropriate individual when the office is unmanned.
  • Maintain shift logs for all relevant SOC activities.
  • Conduct internal and external trainings on various topics related to SOC.
SOC Manager
Designation: SOC Manager
Job Code: HR1131
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 2+ years
Job Description:
  • Lead and manage Security Operations Center
  • Primarily responsible for security event monitoring, management and response
  • Ensure incident identification, assessment, quantification, reporting, communication, mitigation and monitoring
  • Ensure compliance to SLA, process adherence and process improvisation to achieve operational objectives
  • Revise and develop processes to strengthen the current Security Operations Framework, review policies and highlight the challenges in managing SLAs
  • Responsible for team & vendor management, overall use of resources and initiation of corrective action where required for Security Operations Center
  • Management, administration & maintenance of security devices under the purview of ITRC which consists of state-of-the art technologies
  • Perform threat management, threat modeling, identify threat vectors and develop use cases for security monitoring
  • Responsible for integration of standard and non-standard logs in SIEM
  • Creation of reports, dashboards, metrics for SOC operations and presentation to Sr. Mgmt.
  • Co-ordination with stakeholders, build and maintain positive working relationships with them
Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst/Specialist- GRC
Designation: Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst/Specialist- GRC
Job Code: HR1113
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 2+ years
Job Description:
  • Lead/Execute ISMS implementation
  • Lead/Execute BCMS implementation
  • Conduct IT Governance related audits
  • Conduct IT infrastructure audits
  • Conduct Process audits
  • Lead/Execute ITSM implementation
  • Conduct PCI DSS gap assessments and coordination for closure of gaps
  • Conduct organization-wide Risk assessments – based on ISO 31000, NIST, ISO 27005, etc.
  • Conduct application security reviews
  • Perform audits based on various regulatory requirements including but not limited to RBI, IRDA, SEBI, NSE/BSE, TRAI, SWIFT.
  • Lead/Execute implementation and assessments pertaining to UAE specific standards such as NESA
  • Development/Review of Policies and Procedures
  • Development of minimum baseline security standards
  • Network Security architecture reviews.
Cybersecurity Consultant/Specialist – GRC
Designation: Cybersecurity Consultant/Specialist – GRC
Job Code: HR1130
Location: UAE
Experience: 6-7 years
Job Description:
  • Presenting the GRC services to prospective clients
  • Monitoring and manage ongoing GRC project deliveries
  • Prepare technical documents for RFPs / RFQs / Project inquiries
  • Support Sales for any pre-sale’s activities in the capacity of SME
  • Prepare approach documents / methodologies / blogs / white papers for any new regulations / guidelines published by authorities in UAE / MEA Region
  • Provide estimations for RFPs / RFQs / Project inquiries in consultation with GRC Practice Lead
  • Should be well versed with UAE, KSA Cybersecurity Market
  • Should be working in similar capacity or in delivery
  • Relevant experience of 5 years is a Must
  • Willingness to travel within MEA region for project monitoring, reviews etc.
  • Should be able to handle project escalations and resolve them
Note: Candidate should be within UAE
Cybersecurity Analyst – Solutions
Designation: Cybersecurity Analyst – Solutions
Job Code: HR1142
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 1+ years
Job Description:
  • Console Health Monitoring
  • Agent Health
  • FIM and CCM Event and incident Handling
  • Must have good understanding incident handling process.
  • Health Monitoring of the Tripwire components
  • Responsible for identifying threats in environment with the logs from tripwire.
  • Must have understanding about the ransomware and malware.
  • Should have good communication / writing skill.
Senior Pre-Sales Consultant – Sales & Marketing
Designation: Senior Pre-Sales Consultant – Sales & Marketing
Job Code: HR1140
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 4+ years
Job Description:
  • Use technical skills to design, implement and provide knowledge transfer of various Cybersecurity services & solutions
  • Conduct pre-engagement meetings with customers to understand their requirement, setup and suggest our solutions & services. This also includes conducting technical presentations to prospective clients
  • Create end-user knowledge transfer to ensure customers are aware of how the solution & service is designed to function.
  • Periodically function as a requirements analyst to ensure customer is aware of the most recent Cybersecurity portfolio offerings.
  • Serve as a conduit between the customer and the Delivery team at NII.
  • Conduct Cybersecurity solution & service research to ensure most recent updates & offerings are provided to customer.
  • Make consistent contributions to the Cybersecurity technical portfolio by adding, modifying, perfecting, and/or standardizing the Cybersecurity Portfolio.
  • Other Cybersecurity engineering, documentation, standardization, or training tasks as required.
  • Determine the needs of end users of technical documentation
  • Prepare data sheets, brochures, blogs, whitepapers etc with the help of technical writer & marketing team
  • Standardize content across platforms and media.
  • Review, Revise & Update methodology and approach documents.
  • Prepare and review presentation files.