The biggest problem confronting most organizations today is the actual implementation of security controls. While numerous vulnerability assessments, security audits, and code review exercises result in hundreds and thousands of vulnerabilities being reported, it is the prioritizing and fixing of these that is the real challenge. Most IT and development teams are focused on operational efficiency and uptime and do not consider security as a top priority. Here’s where our Remediation Services come into play.

How we do it?

  • Initial meeting with customer and their technical specialists to agree the details of the engagement.
  • Evaluate and assess the current system configurations using best practices, customized tools and software to determine areas for improvement.
  • Follow up meeting with customer’s management and technical specialists to discuss findings and remediation strategies.
  • Identify the right tools for automating security implementation within the network
  • Implement recommendations to secure / hardened the operating systems.
  • Provide business-focused report detailing issues identified and steps taken to improve the security of the system.
  • Run another series of tests that the system is actually hardened.

What do you get?

Balancing security controls with operational efficiency is always a delicate balance, and we help you achieve it. With extensive experience across a wide range of technologies and in-depth understanding of typical security challenges with these technologies, we can help implement the security controls that address the gaps yet do not impact uptime and functionality. This provides you with increased assurance that systems and applications are well secured while still being able to effectively carry out business operations. Going further, we don’t just fix known issues but also implement preventative measures to secure systems from possible future intrusion attacks. Removal of unnecessary services and inefficiencies in configurations will also result in better performance.

What service do we provide?