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NII is the value-added reseller for RSA products and solutions in India. Our solutions team specializing in implementation and reengineering RSA products for clients in India. Our team members are well-experienced, trained and certified across various RSA products. The solutions of RSA which we support are as follows:

  1. RSA Archer eGRC

    RSA Archer eGRC solutions allow you to build an efficient, collaborative enterprise governance, risk and compliance (eGRC) program across iT, finance, operations and legal domains. With RSA Archer eGRC, you can manage risks, demonstrate compliance, automate business processes, and gain visibility into corporate risk and security controls.

    Key Benefits of RSA Archer eGRC solution:
    • Provides a central location for managing policies, controls, risks, assessments and deficiencies.
    • Multiple roles (including risk management, compliance, privacy, information security, business continuity and audit) work together using common processes and information
    • Comprehensive library of policies, control standards, procedures and assessments
    • Mapped to regulations for efficient compliance measurement and reporting
    • Integration with RSA, EMC and third-party products to collect evidence and apply business context
    • Real-time visualization of your organization’s enterprise risk profile and compliance status
    Tailoring RSA Archer eGRC Solutions:

    RSA Archer eGRC Platform delivers a rich feature set that allows business users to tailor RSA Archer solutions according to your established processes and naming conventions— with no custom code.

    Ways in which you can tailor RSA Archer solutions include:
    • Modify the solution structure to collect business-specific information from end users.
    • Create roles and groups to control information access at the application, record and field level.
    • Build workflow stages to model your organization’s processes, and notify users automatically when tasks enter their queues.
    • Create role-specific dashboards through a drag-and-drop interface
  2. RSA Security Analytics

    RSA Security Analytics is a security solution that helps security analysts detect and investigate threats that are often missed by other security tools. By combining big data security data collection, management, and analytics capabilities with full network and log-based visibility and automated threat intelligence, security analysts can better detect, investigate, and understand threats they could often not easily see or understand before.

    RSA Security Analytics helps analysts discover “interesting” or “anomalous” behavior without being dependent on having fore knowledge of the attacker specific tools or techniques. RSA’s security approach is akin to removing the “known good” until only “likely bad issues” remain, as opposed to traditional security approaches which attempt to search for needles in a giant haystack of data.

    The highly visual interface of RSA Security Analytics unifies security analysis, such as detection, investigation, reporting, and content and system administration into a single browser-based interface which puts enterprise-level visibility directly into the hands of the security analysts. This significantly increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the analysts as they don’t have to flip from security tool to security tool to do their jobs.

    Key components of RSA Security Analytics are:
    • DECODER - Captures, parses, and reconstructs, all network traffic from Layers 2-7 or log and event data from hundreds of devices
    • CONCENTRATOR - Indexes metadata extracted from network or log data and makes it available for enterprise-wide querying and real-time analytics while also facilitating reporting and alerting.
    • WAREHOUSE - Hadoop based distributed computing system which collects, manages, and enables analytics and reporting on longer term (months/years) sets of security data.
    • ANALYTIC SERVER/BROKER - Hosts the web server for reporting, investigation, administration and other aspects of the analyst’s interface. Bridges the multiple real-time data stores held in the various decoder/concentrator pairs throughout the infrastructure. Also enables reporting on data held in the Warehouse.
    • CAPACITY - RSA Security Analytics has a modular-capacity architecture, enabled with direct-attached capacity (DACs) or storage area networks (SANs)
  3. RSA Silver Tail

    RSA Silver Tail platform collects and analyzes massive amounts of live data from web traffic to provide web session intelligence, delivering complete visibility into all web and mobile-application activity. This intelligence also powers the software’s behavioural analysis engine, which creates heuristics and rules to detect anomalies, IT security threats, navigation layer fraud, insider threats, business logic abuse, and other malicious activity in real time.

    The platform is extremely scalable and easily integrated into the network infrastructure. All data required to perform behavioural analysis is acquired as it is generated from a SPAN port. There is no impact to end users and no HTML tuning required to proactively detect the new threats.

    Benefits of using RSA Silver Tail

    RSA Silver Tail allows criminal and disruptive users to identify themselves through their online behaviour - that way you can leave your legitimate customer alone. With Silver Tail you carry the following advantages:

    • No disruption of the customer experience or site performance
    • Self learning risk engine continuously adapts to recognize new threats
    • Real time detection allows real time response
    • Almost immediate time to benefit
    • Rapid deployment
    • Highly scalable
  4. RSA NetWitness

    RSA NetWitness is a revolutionary network security monitoring platform that provides enterprises with situational awareness of everything happening on the network to solve a wide range of information-security challenges.

    Benefits of using RSA NetWitness:
    • Achieving pervasive visibility

      You can obtain situational awareness into the content of all network traffic and discrete behavior of entities operating across the network.

    • Detecting Advanced Threats

      Identify insider threats, zero-day exploits and targeted malware, advanced persistent threats, fraud, espionage, data exfiltration, and continuous monitoring of security controls.

    • Obtaining Actionable Intelligence

      You can perform real-time, free-form contextual analysis of network and log data captured and reconstructed by the NetWitness network security monitoring platform.