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NII is the value-added reseller for HP Enterprise Security products such as HP WebInspect Enterprise, ArcSight Express and TippingPoint Next-Generation Firewall in India. Our solutions team specializes in implementation and reengineering HP Security Products for our clients in India. Our team members are well-experienced, trained and certified across various HP Enterprise Security products. Following HP Security products will help you to secure your data, applications and network across the enterprise.

  1. HP WebInspect Enterprise

    HP WebInspect Enterprise is the industry-leading web application security assessment solution designed to thoroughly analyze today’s complex web applications and web services for security vulnerabilities. It delivers broad technology coverage, fast scanning capabilities, extensive vulnerability knowledge, ease of use, and accurate web application scanning results.

    HP WebInspect Enterprise is a web application management platform that makes it possible to conduct and manage thousands of distributed web application security assessments. Focusing on the entry points most exposed to the outside world, it helps you prioritize your web risk management efforts and address likely points of attack. It gives security managers insight into assurance efforts before and during production, and allows them to tightly control security programs using role-based scanning and reports. It also gives IT the power to demonstrate compliance with regulations and internal security policies.
    Key features of HP WebInspect Enterprise

    • Manage large-scale, distributed web application security assessment for thousands of applications
    • View ongoing enterprise pre- and post-production application security assurance
    • Control your program through role-based scanning and reporting administration
    • Prove compliance with regulations and security policies
  2. HP ArcSight Express

    HP ArcSight Express combines SIEM, log management and user activity monitoring on a single appliance to give you visibility into your IT organization. By distilling the critical insight for enterprises to protect your business, organizations can focus on their core competence. HP ArcSight Express collects logs from ANY and ALL data sources, consolidates the information for maximum storage efficiency, and correlates the events in multiple dimensions including identity, vulnerability, statistical analytics, and pattern discovery to detect advanced threats before they cause damage.

    HP ArcSight Express comes fitted with everything an enterprise needs to give it complete visibility into who, what, and where of an event. HP ArcSight Express incorporates the following features:

    • IdentityView—Provides identity intelligence enabling early detection of insider threat
    • Threat Detector—Detects complex threats to the organization, using a heuristic pattern analysis of historical data events
    • NetFlow Analysis—Understands how network bandwidth is being consumed, so that suspicious activities are correctly prioritized and investigated

    HP ArcSight Express also includes a free trial to RepSM, which brings reputation-based intelligence to help security analysts detect and block communication between malicious hosts and infected infrastructure.
    Highlights of HP ArcSight Express

    • Faster time to value: Pre-bundled content enables quick deployment and immediate return on investment
    • Reputation based monitoring: Alerts when network traffic to and from bad IPs are hitting your network
    • Monitoring straight out of the box: Preconfigured connections to Windows®, NetFlow, and Cisco
  3. HP TippingPoint Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

    HP TippingPoint Next-Generation Firewall gives you application visibility and control. HP TippingPoint now delivers a new series of next-generation firewalls built with proven network security intelligence. This easy-to-use firewall appliance delivers reliability, high-performance, security effectiveness, and granular application visibility and control, allowing your organization to improve your security posture and harden your network defenses.

    With the HP TippingPoint SMS, customers have a centralized management system to share network security policies and configurations across their NGIPS and NGFW devices.
    Key features of HP Tipping Point NGFW:

    • An NGIPS engine with a 99.99999% network uptime track record continuous threat protection with weekly DVLabs updates.
    • Over 7,500 filters blocking attacks across wired and wireless devices
    • Easy-to-use centralized management with custom dashboard and automatic reports
    • Purpose-built hardware to detect evasive applications
    • IPv6 ready networking features including link aggregation, OSPF, RIP, BGP and multicast dynamic routing, and VLAN support.
    • Easy deployment in transparent or routed modes.
    • 2-node Active-Passive High Availability with state synchronization.
    • IPSec Site-to-Site and Client-to-site VPN connectivity.