We are at the forefront of security research in the region. Our research activities encompass.

  • Ffinding security vulnerabilities in mission-critical software and releasing advisories
  • Developing and releasing free security tools
  • Writing papers, articles
  • Making presentations on various aspects of security

Results from our vulnerability research also go into various products and services as inputs, which contain actionable and accurate information about the latest security issues.

The outputs from our research also go into updating our proprietary suite of auditing software - AuditPro.

Date : 09/09/2011 - Location : Bangalore

We were happy to organize this year’s successful event Web War CTF IV at the SecurityByte Conference 2011.

Our penetration testing team find security bugs in various mission-critical software from vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, Nortel, Macromedia, etc. We also believe in responsible disclosure and co-ordinate with the vendors before releasing information about these bugs.

Latest Advisories
File Format Parsing Vulnerability (CVE-2010-3232)
Real Networks RealPlayer RealMedia Memory (CVE-2010-4386) Heap Corruption Vulnerability

Our research initiatives shape into papers and articles published at various security-related and IT audit-related sites. Some of the latest papers and articles are listed below

Latest Articles
IT Audit: Key Strategies for Implementing ISO 27001
Security Focus: IDS Evasion, Revisited

Our consultants have presented at various international conferences including BlackHat, Networld+Interop and IT Underground. Our presentations and ideas have been well-received by information security experts across the world.

Latest Presentations
IT Underground, Prague, 2006
Corporate IT Security Conference, Mumbai

We have also written tools for enforcing password complexity in SQL server, brute-force attacks on SQL server accounts, dumping Windows security information, etc.

Sample Tools
ForceSQL v2.0